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Central Park Complex

Central Park United Methodist Church

CENTRAL PARK UMC is a long-standing entity in the City of Buffalo, in the beautiful Parkside/Central Park neighborhood, boasting a large, multi-space, multi-floor community center of many activities.

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Steinway Sunday Series 1

- was a HIT! Stay Tuned for Series 2 ...

Pianist, Krista Seddon, is currently on a lecture performance tour featuring the life and work of jazz great, Marian McPartland. Central Park United Methodist Church will host a six-concert series featuring McPartland’s life work with some of the world’s greatest jazz musicians. Please join us in the beautiful parlor room and hear our Steinway Grand as it has never been played before.

This series raises funds for the historical building complex, which serves Buffalo as worship and outreach center.

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RECONCILING MINISTRIES Network-affiliated local UMC congregations, like Central Park, have decided to approve a statement that welcomes people of all sexual orientations & gender identities. Churches & annual conference groups seek to strengthen the Network through their witness towards Full Inclusivity. They have discussed & voted amongst themselves that this is necessary because the Greater United Methodist Church holds official policies that limit LGBTQ people from the serving the Church in certain capacities.

To learn more visit: RECONCILING MINISTRIES NETWORK website.


Please visit RENTALS section then email us the Pre-form to begin the process

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BI-WEEKLY Wednesday: 630pm: "Class Meeting" {see newsletter or email office}

Please see CLARION Newsletter for all Central Park summer Events & Invitations


Clara's Closet

Refugee Services & Shop

Claras Closet @ Central Park Complex is open to clients Thursdays only through September, 930am-1pm Receiving donations to our basement level - Monday through Thursday , 10:30am-1pm. But always check for special closed days and weeks below. Please edit your donations to only include the stain-free, tear-free, not-too-worn items, as their staff have quite a lot of sorting to do- and would like most intake to be usable, and thanks so much.





Refugee Services


Please email all inquiries:

Serving Clients Mondays & Thursdays 930am-1pm for no-cost shopping of clothing & home goods. For Donors, open Monday through Thursday only, 10:30am - 12pm, please bring a lifting helper for large loads. Always check this site before you pack your vehicle, as we often have closed days & weeks. Donation Hours & Days Subject to change at any time. More so than donated goods, we actually need YOU!

Please consider volunteering in this great program.


As Clara's Closet is growing, we must take caution to balance our incoming donations with our ability to process them. And you may be the key to helping us serve even better. Can you efficiently sort and hang usable clothes for our shop clients? Over the last three years, under manager Carol Williams, Clara's Closet has developed its ability to serve in planning, organization and retail aspects of the shop, including building and training the Volunteer team. However, the need for effective processing helpers 10:30 - 1, M-F is indeed great. Please consider joining us one or more of those days. But arrangements must be made prior with our staff.

How do you sign up to volunteer? Please come to the COMPLEX during open shop hours, Monday and Thursday ONLY 10am-1pm, to meet Carol for your first day. There is some training in efficient processing as well as minor customer service. On these particular days the shop is also full of the people we serve, visiting for their once-per-month allotment.

Donation Details

Donations of new and gently-used clothing & home goods can be dropped off in our basement level receiving center at our side entrance at Beard & Wesley Aves, in the Parkside neigborhood, Monday through Thursday 10:30am-1pm. These hours are subject to change at any time so please check back here or the Facebook Page for Updates and Closings. And be advised there is now one closed week per month, the first full week of the month. Dates updating soon, below.

PLEASE NOTE: Clara's Closet staff do not keep regular daytime receiving hours. Because of this, we ask that you bring a helper with you who can both lift and manipulate stairs. Otherwise, please plan to bring items ONLY Mondays AND Thursdays 1030am-1pm, which fall during the regular "shop hours" and a Clara's staff member may be able to assist. Be forewarned, the shop and entrance may be crowded with people, many who do not speak english, including children and babies.

Central Park/Parkside Neighborhood Between Hertel Avenue, Main Street and Jewett Parkways lays the beautiful Parkside neighborhood. Central Park Complex is a large, stone church complex at the intersection of Wesley & Beard Ave. Clara's Closet is on the Wesley Avenue side- at our lobby entrance, double wooden doors, pictured above. Hours and times subject to change.

Donation Hours Subject to Change CENTRAL PARK COMPLEX Please email additional inquiries and we'll deliver your message to the Clara's Closet Staff. Please email all inquiries:


and please do Donate through Central Park United Methodist Church:



REOPEN to SHOPPERS THURSDAY, August 15th Donors Welcome Monday August 12th
Currently Collecting Diapers & Sanitary Napkins(Pads)
Currently Collecting Childrens Bikes, Ride-Ons & Toys
Currently Collecting Kids Only : Summer Clothes
Currently Collecting New, Unopened Toiletries
Please No Donations of: Women's Clothing :: through August 11th.

Recovery Meetings

Central Park is a meeting place for many addiction & support groups, from NA to AA, to groups supporting family & friends affected by substance and domestic abuse. Learn more about the ever-growing list of groups which meet in our varied, comfortable meeting rooms, often enjoy coffee & special conferences, and even enjoy using the lawn & grounds in nicer weather.

To serve you best, please contact us via email to reserve your new groups room & time, or existing group's special event room request.


Central Park has many event spaces for members, friends and the public; learn more today about the list of rooms to accomodate you. Due to limited office hours, and to bring you the best and fastest service- please open the info button, read all sections, then copy/paste/email the pre-form for event approval: return via email to move forward with planning & thank you so much.




Copy+Paste this mini-form (gray area only) into an email to us with your info and we'll seek event approval from the board of trustees before moving forward with planning. In certain instances, deep discounts may be offered; private events: children's birthday event, family party under 50 people, Youth Music Recital, Public events: Non-profit organizations, North Buffalo businesses, Recovery & Support conferences.

HOWEVER- please thoroughly read all below info concerning room availability, costs & associated fees.

or if you're on mobile device- you may email us to request a Pre-form with a PDF full form (containing same info as below):

ATTENTION :: Full Printable Form follows this pre-form...the yellow button.

CPC Rental Request FORM

  • Date & Time:
  • Name of Event:
  • Name of Company/Entity:
  • Type of Event:
  • Fundraiser for Non-Profit/Charity? yes no
  • Client/ Contact Person:
  • Number:
  • Email:
  • Event Manager:
  • Number:
  • Email:

Event Rental Options:

...select one... erase the others
  • Floor 1 Dayer Room (Cafeteria Room seats appx 80 @ long tables)
  • Floor 1 Parlor Room (seats appx 80 @ recital rows)
  • Floor 1 Kitchenette w/oven
  • Floor 1 Main Sanctuary - seats 500
  • Floor 2 Great Hall - 20 6’ round tables, 180 occupancy

Refundable Key Fee & Security Deposit will be either returned by check by mail, or your own check will be returned to you. May we hold your checks rather than cash/deposit them, and return them to you after your event? _______yes

Mailing address for deposit return/refund.:
  • _________________________________
  • _________________________________
  • ___________________

  • Touch here for full PDF FORM, download, print, fill-out and mail or drop in envelope(item may be folded) @ Wesley Ave entrance mail slot, or for tour, during office hours weekdays: please email for special appointment, available 10a-12p



    *Outside Entity (Non CPC, UMC or Recovery) must sign a CPC rental lease if using the Main Sanctuary or Great Hall for public events.

    *Outside Entity must provide proof of their own event-based insurance coverage prior to lease signing (often available through homeowners if needed) ($200-300)

    Invoicing: you will receive an itemized invoice via email reflecting your package options & fees total, due by check or PayPal to Central Park UMC 10 days prior to event. Full refund for cancellation. Keys given @ one week prior.



    *Custodial Payments will not be on Central Park invoice, but are due by separate check to Donald Plummer:
    Cleaning Fee: $50-75
    Set Up Fee $200
    *If you’ve paid for set-up service, or cleaning/attendant service: please coordinate with custodian about details more than one week prior.

    Floor 1

    Parlor, Dayer Room or Chapel

    • 2 hour Class/Recital/Reception
    • use of Floor 1 Kitchenette w/oven
    • Weekday Usage: Wednesday Evening
    • Saturday & Sunday Usage:
    • Event time 2-4pm only, load-in 1pm
    • +Weddings may make some dates completely unavailable

    • Room Rent: $100
    • Heat Fee: $100
    • Key Fee: $50
    • Security Deposit: $100

    Floor 1

    Main Sanctuary

    • Available for Concerts or Lectures:
    • Wed., Thurs., Fri., Sat. evening, seats 500

      Room Rent:
    • 4 hour: $200 private - $400 pubic
    • 8 hour(“All Day”): $600-1000
    • Heat Fee $100-200
    • Key Fee: $50
    • Security Deposit: $100

    Floor 2

    The Great Hall

    • Conference/Recital/Reception
    • Weekdays: afternoon & evening
    • Saturday 9am-9pm, Sunday 2-9pm
    • 20 6’ round tables, 180 occupancy

      Room Rent:
    • 4 hour: $200 private - $400 public
    • 8 hour (“All Day”): $600-1000
    • Heat Fee $100-200
    • Big Ovens, Dishwasher : $100
    • Linen Fee : $10 /cloth or $100 20+
    • Key Fee: $50
    • Security Deposit: $100

    In certain Instances, day-before set-up is allowed. :
    Absolutely No Sunday morning load-in OR load-out before noon.

    Client Responsibilities:

    • Lights, windows, doors, locks, faucets & coffee pots
    • Trash from large events taken outside.
    • Recycling kept separate.
    • All décor, food and drink items taken with you.
    • Key Returned.

    CPC Event Coordinator: Lauren Culligan
    Trustee Approval: Mary Lou Frost
    Checks Payable to: Central Park UMC : Event Rental
    Office Hours: M, Tu, Th, F: 9-12



    Central Park Weddings: soaring stone arches & endless stained glass. Central Park Complex can help you produce an amazing event - but our true goal is to help in building strong marriage bonds. Wedding Ceremony, Marriage Consultation and planning meetings take place with Pastor Mary A. Kelly.

    Please Note: The church is not available for weddings in which Pastor Mary is not the officiant.



    Christian marriage is a sacred covenant reflecting Christ’s covenant with the church. It is expressed in a life-long relationship of love, mutual support, personal commitment, and shared faithfulness between a man and a woman. Marriage is firmly rooted in the sacrament of baptism. In baptism, persons are given a new identity and are called to a special way of life. The unity between husband & wife and the steadfast promises they make to each other, represented in their wedding service, point to the unity and covenant love between Christ and the church. Church buildings do not create strong marriages. What is essential is that you desire and intend to live together in a way that embodies the way of life Christ invites us to live.


    Pastor Mary A. Kelly will design with you your customized service. She is the only officiant conducting weddings at Central Park. If you have another person, ordained or not, who you’d like to speak as well, that speech would have to be coordinated with Pastor Mary. Christian marriage is not a private or family event; it is a public act of worship, and its elements reflect that under-standing.

    The service of Christian marriage is essentially a service of worship similar in its intent to any regular service on Sunday morning. Everything about it is designed to witness that this is a Christian marriage. Both the words and the actions of the service consistently reflect the belief that the man and woman are equal partners in the marriage and that they are entering into the marriage of their own volition. Those who attend the marriage are understood to be an actively supportive congregation rather than passive witnesses.

    The church is not available for weddings in which Pastor Mary is not the officiant.

    The Great Hall

    Great Hall reception space: alcohol free, perfect for afternoon luncheon following a 2pm service. Featuring stage, steps, curtains, and white tulle draping from the crossbeams. Also available: the adjacent Annex space, for further seating or buffet/gift area. Heating fees to be discussed. We have beautiful church grounds, a gorgeous main façade & tower and are next to a small park, as well as Delaware Park, for photography. If desired, after your event, adults can meet to celebrate in the evening at a high-end cocktail lounge.

    Great Hall: $1,000 room rental ($600 in-package) Due to our busy schedule for a variety of meetings & groups, load-in or setup to the Great Hall is not permitted before 1pm, the day of your event, with 10pm load-out. Only if a couple purchases a CPW FULL PACKAGE, may they access the complex for set-up, while having wedding rehearsal at 5pm the Friday prior to a Saturday wedding & reception.

    ATTENTION: Great Hall occupancy max: 230 persons, may feel extra cramped at that capacity when filled with tables, etc. Your party may have to rent additional tables, chairs, etc. If you choose to have your own team set-up and take down your event, this must be discussed further. Our Spacious Kitchen can be used for prep and plating only, not heating or cooking meat. Recycling and garbage must be kept separate, with all beverage and can containers emptied, all food & drink items taken with you.


    Rehearsal: Although not always necessary- but very helpful, is usually scheduled for the evening prior to the marriage and is best done when all of the wedding party can be present.

    Marriage License: You must bring the marriage license to the rehearsal or deliver it to the pastor prior to the day of your wedding. Nothing can proceed without the license! After it is signed by witnesses to the wedding, the pastor will complete the license and return it to the office from which you obtained it.

    We hope you consider the CPW FULL PACKAGE, combining sanctuary ceremony with Pastor Mary A. Kelly & Great Hall reception, benefitting from a $400 discount in hall rental fee. 20 Round Tables seating max 8 each = 160 Guest settings 20 round tablecloths (may be discussed) 5 Rectangular tables of various size (medium & extra large) 5+ rectangular tablecloths 160 Metal Folding Chairs 40 Chairs MUST REMAIN on the first floor in the Dayer Room on Saturdays at all times to accommodate meetings. This may vary within a CPW FULL PACKAGE; possibly 200 chairs.

    *8 additional rectangular tables, seating 8 each(64 guests), may be used from the first floor Dayer Room, but cannot be set-up/used prior to 1pm Saturday by your Party, and must be returned set-up to floor one. Please note that your event chair needs beyond 160(or 200) count will have to be rented from an outside vendor, and managed by the vendor or your set-up party.

    You may want to plan renting large fans for a May-Sept event. Possible Additional Banquet Fees: Heating fee: $200 (Sept-April) Set-up fee: $200 (may be discussed) Great Hall Cleaning fee: $100 (mandatory, check to Donald Plummer) $30-50 linen cleaning bill, post-event.


    All honoraria and fees are expected to be delivered to the pastor at least one week prior to the wedding. In situations of special need, some or all of these honoraria and fees may be waived after consultation with the pastor.

    Pastor/ Wedding & Marriage Consultations /Direction: For active members of the congregation, no honorarium is required for the pastor; all others are expected to provide an honorarium of $400. If you pay by check, make your check payable to: Mary A. Kelly.

    Sanctuary Ceremony Rental: Members of the congregation are encouraged to make a donation to cover the cost of using the church building. All other persons are expected to cover the cost of using the church building through a donation of $500. If you pay by check, make your check payable to: Central Park United Methodist Church.

    Sanctuary Ceremony Custodial fee of $75 will be charged. Please make your check payable to Donald Plummer.

    Organist: Congregational members & public are expected to provide an honorarium for the organist in the amount of $150 ($200 if special additional music is to be included in the service). If you pay by check, make your check payable to: Paul Homer.



    PDF for device viewing

    CPC Sermon Series vol.2


    Here at Central Park United Methodist Church, we believe Christian Education can touch the lives of everyone in the congregation - from young to old. Throughout the year we have book study & lecture series for A.C.E. (Adult Christian Education,) held by our in-house education staff, as well as visiting teachers from within the fold. And our Youth & Children programs are flourishing. Learn more below:


    Central Park UMC

    Christian Education

    Learning & Growing, Together.

    Here at Central Park United Methodist Church, we believe Christian Education can touch the lives of everyone in the congregation - from young to old. Throughout the year we have book study & lecture series for A.C.E. (Adult Christian Education,) held by our in-house education staff, as well as visiting teachers from within the fold. And our Youth & Children programs are flourishing. Learn more in our CE Newsletter, events lists and below. CENTRAL PARK UMC is a long-standing entity in the City of Buffalo, in the beautiful Parkside/Central Park neighborhood, boasting a large, multi-space, multi-floor community center of many activities. The architecture is striking and immense, as are the hearts among the teaching & childcare team members.


    Adult Christian Education

    During the year we offer a variety of Adult Christian Education opportunities that we invite you to participate in, from book studies of popular Christian writers such as Adam Hamilton, to special Lenten group study events, to weekly Bible Study. The focus for faith-building Adult Christian Education is Biblical knowledge & understanding; scripture study & application to daily life. We discuss ethical issues we face in our lives: illness, death, cultural pressures, and we promote multi-cultural awareness. For information on current classes and events, please visit see the Christian ED Newsletter and visit CentralParkComplex.com

    A.C.E. at Central Park includes fellowship of informal discussions with topics relevant to today, building relationships that are valued. For the traditionalists we have structured classes, with faith & life application; and we also have eye-opening series where you can see your teacher as co-learner. Most importantly, we promote social action: although your faith is private; you should view church as a launching place for both outreach & personal transformation.



    Central Park Youth Christian ED

    is multi-faceted and we've celebrated great successes in each age group & grade. Our Confirmation Class has surprised us with excellent projects & gifts, we've expanded children’s studies & special events, including crafts & costume, and we saw many baptisms this year and are happy to offer nursery services as well. Details below. Children are featured in 1030am Central Park Sunday worship services during the Children's Message, on-stage, directed by a loving staff member, then are released from service to their respective learning rooms, adjacent to main sanctuary.

    Parents, please take a moment to download, print & fill out registration/permission forms for your child/children who will be participating in youth groups & Sunday school. Please turn in forms to your child's teacher or Judy Toone.

    Young People of Faith

    (7th - 12th grade) :: This contemporary program is based on Biblical study and living. Each Sunday, teachers will be leading them on a variety of topics using various approaches & curriculum. They'll address not only issues going on in their immediate surroundings (school, home, community) but broader issues as well. Concepts include: "How do we take our faith and apply it to everyday life?" and "How do we protect ourselves while still being compassionate?" Join them for some straight talk, & never-boring guidance on personal faith issues. If you need further clarification of the program for young men & women, please contact Joe Steinmetz or Danielle Matthews

    Children of Faith

    (K - 6th grade) :: Each Sunday the class of Kindergarten - 6th graders heads to their faith formation group, right after the Children's Message during the 1030am Central Park UMC worship service. We incorporate a variety of learning methods to engage children in Bible stories, characters and main themes. We employ musical activities, crafts, videos, and games as part of our curriculum. Snacks included. This colorful program is engaging and theologically grounded, giving them the tools to explore the Bible in fun & age-appropriate ways. For further questions please contact Dona Bronkie, Marilyn Standard or Judy Toone.

    Infants & Toddlers

    (Birth - Kindergarten) :: Loving, consistent child care is available for infants & toddlers in the Central Park UMC nursery on floor one of the complex, near the main sanctuary, from 10:15 - 12:30 each Sunday. This allows adults not only relaxed time in worship service, but to enjoy fellowship and coffee following service. Parents or guardians can drop off their children before the service and pick them up at the conclusion of the service. If you need directions, an usher will be happy to help you. Please print & fill out the Youth Permission form for all young people.

    CONTACT Judy Toone, Director of Christian Education
    Cell 716-998-2512
    EMAIL JUDY :: Jatoone3@gmail.com
    Central Park United Methodist Church
    216 Beard Avenue, Buffalo, New York 14214
    Office 716 833-3193



    A.C.E. Adult Christian Education
    During the year we offer a variety of Adult Christian Education opportunities with a focus on Biblical knowledge & understanding; including scripture study & application to daily life.


    Central Park Youth Christian ED is multi-faceted and we've celebrated great successes and expansion in each age group & grade, from teen groups, to school-aged to pre-school & Nursery Care.


    Parents, please take a moment to download, print & fill out registration/permission forms for your child/children who will be participating in youth groups & Sunday school. Please turn in forms to your child's teacher or Judy Toone.


    Did you know you don't need your checkbook to give to Central Park & its ministries- but can make an online donation whenever the spirit moves you? This is a great option for enhanced stewardship, memorial gifts, special program needs and fundraiser/purchase payments.
    Please add 3% PayPal banking fee.

    • Central Park
    • Church Operations
    • Adult Learning
    • Youth Programs
    • Floral Fundraisers
    • Sunday Flowers
    • Food Drives
    • Clara's Closet
    • through Central Park
    • Please note "for Clara's..."
    • Winter Coats & Boots
    • Toiletry Drives
    • New Underpants & Socks
    • School Supplies


    Endowments & Memorial Gifts
    Please do remember CENTRAL PARK United Methodist Church in your will, as endowments or legacy/memorial gifts. Central Park United Methodist Church fills a vital role for many people, both within the church and within the community. Legacy and Endowment planning is an excellent choice to see your contribution help to grow this church and its reach. We seek to partner with you and your family for the lasting legacy of Central Park UMC's ongoing influence. Learn more here...


    Central Park

    Endowments & Memorial Gifts


    Please remember CENTRAL PARK United Methodist Church in your will, as endowments or legacy gifts:

    Central Park United Methodist Church fills a vital, important part of all of our lives and fills an important role in the lives of so many in Buffalo and beyond. You have all been generous in your contributions to Central Park. Aside from pledges to the church on an ongoing basis, many of you will find gifts in the form of bequests attractive.

    If you wish to support the church and its missions, consider including a provision in your will similar to this: I leave to Central Park United Methodist Church, Buffalo, NY the sum of $ ____ ( or a portion of a residuary estate, or a description of stock or property to be given) to be used for the support of the church and its ongoing missions.

    Please consider remembering the church in your will or list the church as a beneficiary for insurance proceeds. Also, Congress has made permanent a policy allowing eligible individuals to make donations during their lifetimes from an IRA, IRS 401(k) or 403(b) and similar tax deferred plans. If you can do this, please consult your plan administrator or financial advisor to obtain the appropriate forms and ascertain eligibility. As always, we thank you for your generosity that will enable Central Park to continue the ministries of the church.

    The Perfect Gift

    Honorary & Memorial Gifts

    What to give the person who has everything and/or wants nothing? How about a donation in his /her / their honor to one of the Central Park UMC special funds? You may request specific allocation of the donation: Clara's Closet, Youth Programs, Special Events, Music Department, the Good Samaritan Fund, to Vacation Bible School or even worship flowers.

    If you are making the donation as a gift, please tell Pastor Mary or Beth Buckley (Chair, Finance) and provide an address. If you wish, the donation will be listed in the Bulletin in honor of your recipient. In addition, a letter will be sent to the honoree by Pastor Mary informing him or her of the gift, and explaining how the gift will benefit the people of God whom we’ve been called to serve.


    Central Park Staff

    Pastor Mary A. Kelly
    Judy Toone

    Director of Christian Education

    Cell 716-998-2512, EMAIL JUDY :: Jatoone3@gmail.com

    Paul Homer

    Music Director &Organist

    216 Beard Ave, Buffalo, NY 14214


    Please EMAIL Central Park office your event/room requests...
    Recovery Conferences, receptions or recitals.
    Office Hours 9a-12p: M, T, Th, F.


    CALL : 716-833-3193


    The United Methodist Church is a world-wide organization of ministry and faith.

    Learn more about our tenets, diversity & reach :: tap for UMC.Org:

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