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CLARAS CLOSET is COMPLETELY CLOSED due to a basement-level Flooding situation, now in clean-up.

Serving NO CLIENTS NOR Donors until further notice. Thank you and please check back for info.

The Complex
CENTRAL PARK UMC is a long-standing entity, boasting a large, multi-space, multi-floor community center of many activities. The architecture is striking and immense, as are the hearts among the congregation. CLICK :: CPC Update
Central Park Weddings
Commemorate your life-long decision in a truly elegant space: soaring stone arches and endless stained glass. Marriage consultation and planning meetings take place with Pastor Mary A. Kelly. Website :: CentralParkWeddings.co and facebook Central Park Weddings.Co FACEBOOK
The United Methodist Church is a world-wide organization of ministry and faith. Learn more about our tenents, diversity & reach :: UMC.Org
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Central Park UMC

Sunday Worship
A loving and diverse congregation, following God's tenants and practicing outreach to a wide range of weekly visitors. Our impressive Church spaces are beautiful & grand, feature organ and choir and we do hope you'll join us soon.

The Complex has long been a center for a variety of recovery, prayer and study groups. Living a clean & clear life is the only way to come face to face with your true self. Join us- whether the problem is large or small, whether it's you or someone you care about.
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Clara’s Closet REFUGEE Services: Serving No Clients or Donors the following: Closed Weeks: October 1-7, Winter Break: 3 weeks Off: Dec 15th-Jan 7th
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HouseCOMMON GROUNDS Christian lifestyle discussion group, over food & coffee, once per month @ Spot Coffee, Hertel Ave. Lighthearted and supportive. Led by Pastor Mary A. Kelly & Judy Toone of Central Park UMC. Next Meeting: 6:30-8pm, Tuesday October 17th 6:30-8pm.
Pastor Mary A Kelly is a strong & swift character in modern Methodism; her multi-aspect ministry reflects healing & hope, and the rainbow of God's love. Come meet the team this Sunday.
Christian Ed.
House It's another Adam Hamilton Book Study called "Half Truths." Run by Judy Toone. The book study will run 5 weeks and books will cost each person $12.00. October 18, 25, Nov. 1, 8, 15 ... 6:30-8:00 pm.
House Join us Wednesdays 10:30am-11:15 for Bible Study led by Pastor Mary A. Kelly, in the main floor Dayer Room.
CONFIRM Click Black Tab for Confirmation Class Page with notes, dates, topics and details.
trickTRICK or TREAT through CENTRAL PARK: Opening our doors to Trick or Treaters Halloween night, featuring treat stations throughout the church complex first floor. We'll be giving away candy, having cider, doughnut holes and other fun goodies. Calling Volunteer Candy-holders for this joyful celebration. Please Contact Judy Toone.
prayer THANK YOU! for your contributions to NFCM's School Supply Pantry: “A hearty “thank you” to the wonderful churches that contributed to our School Supply pantry! It is now stocked and once again open for business. Any urban church needing supplies for children and youth during the school year, or for summer projects including VBS...” please contact Beth Buckley.
NEEDED: SUNDAY SAMARITAN {Hospitality helper, for one Sunday at a time } Please everyone, consider volunteering at least once per year. Even a family with kids can volunteer to help. Duties are brief & it feels great to serve. You can even partner with a friend for one to set-up and one to clean-up. Please see the SIGN-UP BOARD.
prayerCENTRAL PARK PRAYER NEEDS: Judy George, Gwen & Hector, Henrietta & Charles Keenan, Wendy Winegarden, Mindy Paluszynski, Bob & Marge Waddell, Carla Fako (Marge Waddell’s Sister,) Krissy Mohn, Mary Ann Thomas, Betty Jakubczak, Mary Wozniak, Tony Simon Mairy, Kual, Hannah, Hector Todd, Donna Ham, Byron Snell George, Dave M., Patrick C., Forrest, Emily, Kurt